For 3 years, BeRue been preferred by the high-end clientele to celebrities and young professionals, all of whom shared their passion for natural based skincare products, BeRue is slowly carving itself as the new darling of the beauty industry.

Formulated in Australia based on the rich tradition of the Malay ethnic beauty recipe as its core ingredients, BeRue which has undergone extensive research has successfully developed a range of its own skincare products, kicking off with its aqua based cleanser and scrub in form of liquid, and oil with multiple usage as the basic beauty regime.

A distinguished brand known among its fine curated market, BeRue is now venturing into new horizons beyond South East Asia nations by marking its year 2023 plan, starting off with Pakistan.


Amran Mahat

Founder and spokesperson for BeRue.

A Malaysian born to a mix-parentage of Malay-Chinese, is a professional make-up artist, stylist and image consultant with 25 years of experience in the beauty industry.


Owning vast knowledge in dermatology which includes developing a range of skincare products and make-up for a well-known brand, he applies his skills and creativity from runways to fashion spread in prestigious magazines, from commercials to showbiz, to corporate figures and even royalties to politicians.


In 2016, he was awarded Best TV Make-Up for the period drama, Demi Waktu Mahani, at the prestigious award, Anugerah Seri Angkasa, a yearly event which honored the works of those involved in the Malaysian TV and film industry.